May. 28th, 2013

dotsandlines: Lawrence being consoled by his horse. (Spice and Wolf: There there.)
Here's how this evening went:

"Meh. I was enormously boring yesterday, I still don't know how to inform those friends-of-acquaintances that I am not as cool as they thought I was when they sent me friend requests on FB, my writing sucks, I have too much stuff to do this week, I'm stuck on this commission and I think it's going to turn out terribly, I'm getting old and there are so many things in life that I'm never going to do because it's too late, and I don't know how to feel better."

*drags self to basement to exercise*


...Well then."

Not 100%, but appreciably better. "I realize that each problem can be handled separately and that I can handle at least some of them" better.


I've been slowly watching through the original Star Trek on Netflix. I'm only about five episodes in, so I can't comment much yet. Except that the episode with the transporter-malfunction-evil-Kirk thing was nearly ruined for me by that adorable and very patient puppy dog with the rubber horn and antennae stuck on its forehead. (Sadly, there seem to be more photos online of the eeeeevil version.) More specifically, what cracked me up was that a bunch of characters repeatedly carried it around throughout various scenes, not always for a particularly obvious reason. It was all RAR! ACTING! - PUPPY! SQUEE! SCENERY, NOM NOM!

Ahhhh, good times.


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