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Finished FMA: Brotherhood.

BRB, gonna find as many eyecatches as possible to use as wallpaper. They were pretty basic, but I liked them, particularly the placement in some of the episodes (often right after a character had done something awesome). ...OK, all set.

Incoherent reactions for now:
- I am in awe of the fact that even some of the random background soldiers look unique - even when their uniqueness is "has silly facial hair". And that goes for old, young, both genders, different ethnicities (OK, all three of them) - if two people in this series look the same, it's intentional.

- Ice cream truck full of guns = encapsulation of why I love the military team. Absurd and badass at the same time. (See also: Major Armstrong.)

- Entire show turned into Big Damn Heroes: The Show for several episodes, while the party was split up - ex. Mustang & Hawkeye bursting in during the cyclops zombie fight

- General Armstrong, the end

- Spent much of Miles' on-screen time complaining that his sideburns make NO SENSE (they angle up right into that zone that generally doesn't grow hair, just because it looks coooool)

- This is one of those shows where the lead character is kind of a necessary evil. Al needs him, sure. We'll keep him for Al's sake.

- Appreciate the ATLAish attention to detail: ex. Ed ages throughout the show, and when he gets his arm back, it's kind of atrophied (like Al's entire body)

- On the other hand, Al's voice in his restored body is a bit jarring, especially after the small time skip. Apparently being in a featureless void throughout puberty meant that his voice never changed.

- TVTropes, get on board. They all complain that all of the homunculi are consumed by their namesake sins except for Lust, who never shows lust at all. Hello? Women don't lust, sillypants, they are objects of lust. Women aren't really people. aaaaaaaargh. I like her as a character, but this annoys me. Since I don't think Japan can handle an actual lustful female character (witness the entire fujoshi phenomenon), I'd rather they depicted that homunculus as a male ultimate horndog or something. But no, they gotta hit my rage button.

- Too much Mei being cute, not enough Mei being awesome. (May? We watched the dub. Go ahead and shoot.)

- That moment when Mei/May/I give up and her panda become Scar's lovely item for a hot second. Better yet, the rest of the series when they don't hammer that gag to death.

- Still not convinced that Jay & I shouldn't cosplay the Curtises sometime, despite this series being hella older every day (we tossed that idea around back when the first series was out)

- The Sacred Star of Milos movie was animated in Flash on somebody's iPhone while waiting in line at the bank, and nothing can convince me otherwise. Seriously, they must have spent 100% of the budget on the CG of the train and the city. Everyone has dreadlock tentacle hair, the action is weird, and there are no shadows. Also, Winry has no reason to be in this movie. I like Winry, but still.

- Speaking of, nobody seems to acknowledge that while Ed adorably proposes like an alchemist, Winry also adorably accepts like an engineer.


Oh, and the outtakes were great.

I think that's it for now.


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