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This will probably not be too peppy, because I have some sort of con plague. My eyeballs are on fire and I'm too tired for 9 p.m. Anyhow:

Good things )
dotsandlines: Rarity at her sewing machine, from MLP: FIM. Don't think too hard about how she's holding that fabric. (MLP: Rarity Sewing)
We didn't get too many good pictures, blah. But here we go.

Matsuricon's lineup (and probably Tekkoshocon's) )

We didn't do much at this convention, other than shop in Artists' Alley and crowd-watch. We did get out for dinner with some friends of Jay's on Saturday, and had some spectacular ice cream. Totally worth the long detour around a construction zone.
dotsandlines: Rarity at her sewing machine, from MLP: FIM. Don't think too hard about how she's holding that fabric. (MLP: Rarity Sewing)
One week to go! A week containing several work functions and a couple of family functions. Breathe, breathe. Well, things are going well so far. And I'm just going to come out and say that. Things are going WELL so far! Come at me, universe!

Pictures of other pieces )
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Too brain-dead after work to go to game night, and played a bunch of Minecraft instead. I'm better now. Turns out they mapped out the next several weeks of games tonight, which is OK by me. I am not familiar with any of the systems yet, so I wouldn't have had much to add to the discussion.

With 2 weeks left until the con, cosplay preparation has entered the farcical stage. Last night I spent a furtive ~15 minutes crouched in the backyard with a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol and Sharpie ink, spraying the far-too-light Rarity wig and hoping that I wouldn't be seen by the neighbors or, alternatively, be eaten by their scary dogs.

Today a bunch of bright pink ink rinsed out of it, and it's drying now. It's still shedding a bit of ink, but I had to stop somewhere. Once it's dry, I'll see how the color turned out - every shade darker than the starting point is a plus - and make sure it's relatively colorfast. My outfit for this thing is white. Asking for trouble.

After that, uh... well, the original simply defies physics, so I'll at least try to curl it a little bit.

Meanwhile, Vinyl Scratch's wig turned out pretty cute.
biiiig picture )
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One of the shots I placed today made me squee out loud, despite myself. OK, this one is going to get finished. It's not that ambitious, just a full-length version of this oldie, but it's keeping my hand in.

Speaking of old-school AMV style, this pro video is going to explode my brain if I don't link it somewhere. It reminds me of Odin Sphere's side-scrolling and boss-to-player-character scaling, crossed with the timing sensibility of an old-school AMV. I also bought the album on iTunes this morning, and I like it so far.

Our basement leaked mightily in today's downpour, which will put one heck of a chilling effect on the cosplay efforts. Nothing seems to have been ruined, though, with the possible exception of one pillow I made for Tekko '13 (I'll just keep it, if it comes to that) and a bolt of plush that I've had since c. 2004 with no particular use in mind. I'd call that a swing and a miss. Take that, weather!!

I just hope the house hasn't been damaged, really.
dotsandlines: Rarity at her sewing machine, from MLP: FIM. Don't think too hard about how she's holding that fabric. (MLP: Rarity Sewing)
It has been a looooong day.

Hubs and I planned to knock out as much of our costume shopping today as we could, planning out a route of two thrift stores, an outlet mall, and a big shopping sprawl area, in that order. We had 4 costumes to piece together, two for each of us. However, at our second stop, I found a piece that worked awfully well for another one that we'd only joked about... so by the end of the day we had put together bits of six costumes.

Notes about costs, etc. )
dotsandlines: Rarity at her sewing machine, from MLP: FIM. Don't think too hard about how she's holding that fabric. (MLP: Rarity Sewing)
In the last ten days, I have finished six Minecraft-themed plushies for the next Alley table (all blocks, nothing dimensional), played in a Dresden session, got a shiny new copy of the shiny new Utena remaster, aaaand finished that quilt commission. Oh, and came up with another demented cosplay idea. And, somehow, still slacked off a lot.

Back to the Kadaj commission, once my hand stops hurting like hell and I work up the courage to wrangle that much vinyl.
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Got back from Tekkoshocon 2012. It was good. Crowded, but good. However, I've been busy wrapping up (resizing photos for our website, loading tons of backlog onto dA, sorting out the stuff I bought) that I haven't had time to write anything about it.

Uhhh... crowded, some stuff that wasn't selling sold all of a sudden, I had that "freaking hell, I wish I could draw" moment as always, I didn't take full advantage of my costume but at least attended a photo shoot for the first time, no karaoke yet, no rude people at our table woohoo, still not very good at talking to folks although I did buttonhole a few cosplayers who went for underrepresented awesome (like Read or Die and Summer Wars), a friend who was one of the attendants in my wedding totally freaking did not recognize me when I was in costume, I probably accidentally offended an Alley artist by misnaming a character (it wasn't hard to identify, I just blanked) and then saying I was going to stick magnets on the backs of her bookmarky things, aaaaaand we came back swearing to social network much more, that is to say, at all.

I guess that's the con in a nutshell. Pretty typical overall, for a con at which one is sticking to Artists' Alley. The con more or less flows by you rather than vice-versa.

To shop-talk a bit, we did very well, and broke our sales record from last year. (Oh, that sounds icky. It's good news, though.) Also went home with much less stuff than usual. That means that we'll have to make more next time around, but it will be fresh stuff.
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io9 discovers crossplay ...sigh. It's so cute. *pats io9's head* They also claim that crossplay was invented in 2005, which is... wrong. Otherwise, this is a fun read, and some points cross over fandoms as well.

One thing that I noticed was that they chose to post femme versions that weren't your typical femme versions - "same color, an accessory or two, and a microminiskirt. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!"
I'm not going to slut-shame or say that it's not OK to beg desperately for attention, because it is OK - I wouldn't want to do it, but I'll stand for your right to do so. Thing is, it's also not the only approach to fandom, but you wouldn't know that by tooling through an anime convention. I wish that the fandom were more creative.

I've gotten interested in crossover/re-designed/etc. cosplay in the last couple of years, after several years of despairing over the fact that there are precious few characters in any of my fandoms who look anything like me. For a while I mostly did generic character classes and background characters. And then I decided to throw in the towel and actually have fun with it. I also rather enjoy the slightly trolly aspect of intentionally NOT Looking Exactly Like The Character. It's a bad habit, but sometimes I like trying to shake people up.

All of that said, I haven't planned a femme-Doctor cosplay, partly because I don't have a clear favorite Doctor and haven't seen all of the classic ones yet. Maybe someday. First I'd like to get around to our Scott Pilgrim set - there's a series so gendered that it makes my brain hurt. I liked it, but I can't help but call attention to that. I look forward to making other people's brains hurt.


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