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Finished the book that I didn't like.

I know what I learned today! I learned that I could write a better romance novel than ONE person on earth, if I tried to!

Ye gods.

"Jade orbs", I think. I think he un-ironically used the phrase "jade orbs", or "emerald", or "sapphire", or somesuch. And "alabaster skin", multiple times.

But here's the crux of the problem, and the larger What I Learned Today.

Learning from books that you don't like: Empathy. Have some. )


In other news, I think I hatched a NaNoWriMo-able idea on the way to work this morning. I'm thinking about jumping back in this year. I'm thinking about jumping back in as a way to force myself out of the house, contradictory as that sounds. Local meetups? Writing in a coffeehouse? Something. I love my husband dearly, but I am going stir-crazy not talking to anyone else outside of work.

People terrify me, and yet I feel like hell if I don't get at least some dose of them. Go figure, huh?

(I do go to a weekly crafting meetup, but there's not much "there" there. The other members have made it abundantly clear that I could never understand their complex psychology with my puny mainstream brain, so I'd better not even try to be their friends. OK then! Can I borrow your scissors? I guess that's that.)

In other other news, fun article despite the Buzzfeedy/Crackedy title:

7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding

#4 (not everyone agrees on everything) and #7 (think about how your non-realistic factors would affect everything) are my favorites. Fun times.

You know, I should remember that I like that kind of stuff, and try something short and speculative sometime.
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We made it. adfklajsd;flkjsd.

Spoilers! )
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Post on the FB group for the local con, by an otherwise fairly cool poster:

So that swimming anime, is there any cheesecake in it? Cuz I don't like boys in swimsuits. Just so everybody knows.

Responses tended toward:
- God forbid there should be ONE series that doesn't cater to you personally. Get over yourself.
- You should try, you know, every other series out there.
- It's fanservice for straight girls (mostly). That's a thing, FYI.

And this is on a general-public anime convention board, not some niche site!! I'm so proud of my fandom right now! Squee.

Of course, that was followed up by some gross GIF meme about how crossplay is inherently hilarious and people who don't make the poster's pants happy aren't allowed to cosplay. Sigh. One step forward, one step back.

I called them out on it, or tried to. One step forward, one step back.


Feb. 14th, 2013 10:33 pm
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I have to admit this year that I enjoy Platonic Valentine's Day. Normally-way-too-bright red and pink color combinations, cheap candy, cupcakes, cheerfulness. All good. It's the overpriced roses, packed restaurants, girls-are-supposed-to-all-want-diamond-jewelry, consumerist, "once again, let us remind you that you fail at performing your own gender" version of VDay that irks me.

(Just cut most of my hair off again, so I feel this particularly keenly at the moment. I prefer it this way and think it suits me, but I also feel that expressing my tomboyishness is one of the things I tacitly agreed to give up in order to marry the person I married. I feel as though I'm going back on the deal, having my cake and eating it too.)


Big dinner out tomorrow with a bunch of friends-of-acquaintances. I go nearly every year because This Is Supposed To Be Fun, even though it stresses me out. I've decided to focus on the fact that the restaurant - a Brazilian churrascaria, a.k.a. All of the Roasted Meats* - is freaking awesome. I strive to ignore the social awkwardness of being the random neighbor/stranger in a group of unbelievably tight lifelong friends. Even if I don't say a word, I want to not care because of The Gourmet Experience.

In summation...cake... barbecue. Uh...I'm not even hungry. Thank you, goodnight.

* They do this on the first Friday of Lent every year just to be contrary. There's a fair number of ex-Catholics in my orbit. Sorry.
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Triggery if you have issues with weight stuff. Otherwise, this is really boring. )

That's my rage of the day. And now I'm done.

(This gets the "gender" tag. It is related. I could go on. For days.)
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io9 discovers crossplay ...sigh. It's so cute. *pats io9's head* They also claim that crossplay was invented in 2005, which is... wrong. Otherwise, this is a fun read, and some points cross over fandoms as well.

One thing that I noticed was that they chose to post femme versions that weren't your typical femme versions - "same color, an accessory or two, and a microminiskirt. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!"
I'm not going to slut-shame or say that it's not OK to beg desperately for attention, because it is OK - I wouldn't want to do it, but I'll stand for your right to do so. Thing is, it's also not the only approach to fandom, but you wouldn't know that by tooling through an anime convention. I wish that the fandom were more creative.

I've gotten interested in crossover/re-designed/etc. cosplay in the last couple of years, after several years of despairing over the fact that there are precious few characters in any of my fandoms who look anything like me. For a while I mostly did generic character classes and background characters. And then I decided to throw in the towel and actually have fun with it. I also rather enjoy the slightly trolly aspect of intentionally NOT Looking Exactly Like The Character. It's a bad habit, but sometimes I like trying to shake people up.

All of that said, I haven't planned a femme-Doctor cosplay, partly because I don't have a clear favorite Doctor and haven't seen all of the classic ones yet. Maybe someday. First I'd like to get around to our Scott Pilgrim set - there's a series so gendered that it makes my brain hurt. I liked it, but I can't help but call attention to that. I look forward to making other people's brains hurt.


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