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Notes on a goofball idea I had a couple of weeks ago - a garden corner/pocket based on The Elder Scrolls. (I haven't done it yet; just sorting out which plants in-game have real-world counterparts.)

I should be doing this on Pinterest, but I don't have an account. ...yet?

Snp. Snp. Snpsnpsnpsnpsnp )
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I still exist. So what's going on?

What's going on with me, leaving aside some real-life stuff:

Trying to get through a cute commission project, a pair of bears from Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail. And after that I'm freeeeeeee, and will mess around with whatever I want to sew.

Doing fairly well at keeping my exercise schedule together - four days a week, mostly alternating between Dance Central 3 and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012. The latter has some really annoying quirks, like an unhelpful and insincere-sounding voiceover "trainer" and a habit of docking points without telling you what you're doing wrong. Apart from that, though, it has some fun minigames and a lot of variety.

Planted a TON of things in the front yard. We are out of space. It doesn't look like it now, with the big spaces between the plants, but they will grow and I'll replace the ones that don't and in three or four years, it will be freaking fantastic. I was able to do that only after accepting that we can't handle the back yard yet. That this will be a multi-year project, year as in YEAR. That I don't have to do everything now.

Haven't been working on AMVs much lately. I will eventually. Just not right now. Actually, I just realized that I haven't seen this year's VCAs yet. I always try to at least catch those so that I'm not entirely out of touch. Eh, eventually.

As noted in many previous posts, I am still plinking away at the original story. I'd like to ramble a bit about writing itself, and why I (have to) keep doing it. )
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I'm part of the problem, y'know, not posting and all. So here we go:

- Working my way through the ebook set; two more to go. I bailed on one of Kelly Link's short story collections because it was just too grim/grotesque for what I wanted to read at the moment. I feel like a jerk, but I will probably come back later.

- TMBG phase continues. They're coming back to Pittsburgh on March 30, woot! Start looking for a parking space now.

- Sis and I met to hash out our plans for Tekkoshocon, which, if all goes well, will be our next Artist Alleying convention. I have 19 bears and 11-12 other projects on the lineup. That's, um... ambitious. But if I even do 2/3 of this lineup, it will be pretty dang awesome.

Favorite ideas of mine: Nick Fury from the Avengers movie (eyepatch!), PSY (poseable endoskeleton!), Slenderman (aaaaaaghhhhh!). Out of 19 ideas, two are anime/video game related, which is partly my bias (none of my favorites are remotely popular), and partly a reflection of the weird Western-focused state of anime fandom these days.

- Not watching any anime currently, apart from occasionally re-watching an episode of Spice & Wolf. Hubs & I just finished season 1 of Sealab 2021, which he found at a used bookstore. Yeesh flashback.

Those two shows simply do not belong in the same paragraph. Am I tempted to make a crossover mini-AMV? Just a tiny bit.

- This weekend we are planning to rally everyone we can guilt, and weed the brushy, overgrown section of our yard. And by "weeding" I mean the type that involves small power tools. Though I just really love pulling out invasive stuff. Order from chaos, all of that.

Also, that leads me to come up with ambitious dreams involving patios, berry bushes, and new staircases. It's fun to think about, even if implementing these plans completely would involve a lot of time and effort (and in some cases, money).
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Tried the Minecraft demo on the 360. Yeah, I could play that far too much. I tend not to play games on my PC, but I might consider it for this one.

Meanwhile~, continuing on some bear commissions - trying to keep the communication lines open, and moving ahead with the current one. Also just about ready to quilt the T-shirt quilt commission. I'll need more specialty quilting thread, but I may as well go through what I have right now.

What else. Oh, I've added some mini flower beds to the yard - pushed back the rock, cut out the landscaping cloth under it and planted some annuals. Just about 2x2' each. They're mulched as of today, and I am quite pleased with them. The rest of the yard is still rock. Baby steps.

It's very good news to me that I don't mind putting in a lot of work outside. I haven't had that much space to work with before, and while I'd put a lot of work into my containers/window boxes/etc., it didn't translate into too many hours hauling things around in the sun by brute force. (Just at the beginning and end of the season.) So I feel as though I've been tested a little bit. It would have been a problem if I'd liked the idea of having a fabulous garden, but couldn't hack all the work that goes into it. But I can, and I enjoy it. So that's good.

Sunblock, though. Sunblock.
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Sunday was my first shot at working in the new(ish) yard. Previously I'd only spent a few minutes tromping around on the back hillside with my father-in-law, trying to identify the plants that the previous owner left and figuring out whether deer actually invaded the yard regularly (yes, they do).

But Sunday was sunny and mild, so we installed two window boxes and a flagpole on the deck, trimmed the boring evergreen bush thing, and cleared out all of the dead stems/leaves from last year's flowers. I also unearthed a series of stumps along the driveway, previously covered in leaves. One of them was wrapped in black plastic and half buried, so apparently it is an evil stump. I took the plastic off to let the thing decay like it's supposed to do, and will deal with any evil stump spirits as they come.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have any plants to add, so it was a clearing-out day, not a planting day. The lavender did get dragged out of storage. If it revives, I'll give it some space in the actual ground; it's still in a container. I also have some seeds and no seed-starting medium, so that will wait until the weekend.

I've got pages of pipe dreams for this place, but I hope to start slowly so as not to completely overwhelm myself. Plants take more time for maintenance when they're still getting established, so I hope to add more pieces to the puzzle as the first ones take off on their own. We shall see.

Oh, and stats: 112,547. It's been a month since my last stat-up, so let's see.
211 pages (+2)
112,547 words (+1599) (That would never fly in Nano! But this has been on the back burner for the most part.)

I downloaded a word counter too see whether I had any habit-y words that I haven't noticed. "Moment" is pretty bad. Otherwise, it's not as bad as I thought it was. It's mostly common words (it, of, and, the, blahblah) and character names. Not too, too bad.


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