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Last time was the 27th, so there.

Prequel 1 (K) - 1,056 (-)
Prequel 2 (R) - 6,589 (+27)
Core (E/A) - 10,723 (-5)
Sequel 1 (R)- 32,847 (-51)
Sequel 2 (A/K) (The Healers) - 83,041 (-15,260)
Sequel 3 (E/M) - 1,015 (-)

Total: 135,271 (-15,289)


I also:
- cleaned up Sequel 2 enough to let somebody other than me read the first 10 chapters
- - got some feedback from the hubs, who is a trooper and read it even though he doesn't read fantasy
- - learned some useful info about things that I didn't think were interesting to readers, but might be (like a general idea of the tech level of the setting)
- - did not get feedback from anybody else, which also tells me some things

- dropped the last ~25K of Sequel 2, which was retconned a long time ago (it's still in reserve for rewrites)

- started to accept the fact that the "core" story bores the hell out of me, and that I'd rather write prequels and sequels

- started to accept and get over the story's other genre

- kept going despite all of this

And despite the 15K drop, I did write a fair bit. It's been quite a month. I've never thought of writing as something that I could do, just something that I did do and probably shouldn't. And yeah, it was met with resounding silence even from people who know me, and if I finished it and put it Out There, more of the same would probably result from the general run of complete strangers. But I could, theoretically, do it if I wanted to.

But back to the point: No shame. I haven't turned on my characters for falling short. I still want to tell their story. I haven't shattered.

So there.


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