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Last time was the 27th, so there.

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Close enough to the end of the month. (Ulterior motive: Wrote a bit last night, so if this keeps up, it will boost next month's count. Heh.)

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I'm reading an ebook right now - not gonna name it, don't want to be a jerk - and I don't like it too much. I feel like the author is one of those "Women are unknowable alien creatures" types, and yet one of his narrators is a woman. So he has no idea what to do with her. Her scenes are flat and weird, and suffer greatly from omniscient breasts syndrome - even though the narrator is just doing stuff and not admiring herself rapturously in a mirror, the narration goes to ridiculous lengths panting over her assets. From her POV. When she, the character, is not paying attention to her looks at all. It's fourth-wall-breaking and bizarre.

Anyway, this ebook is bugging the hell out of me, but I am giving it a chance to see how it plays out. Also, to identify what exactly annoys me about it, and learn from that.

a) Omniscient breasts syndrome
b) Uses "unphased" instead of "unfazed", so editor is incompetent

That linked essay, BTW, also brings up an intriguing anecdote about a reader being offended because the author was "trying to make him gay" - she wrote from a straight female character's POV, including the character being attracted to men. The reader was offended/uncomfortable because he had never encountered the concept of a narrator who was not exactly like him, a straight (probably white) man. So he had no concept of reading except as a self-insert, and didn't know how to see a story from a fundamentally different person's POV. Fascinating. I tend to take that sort of thing for granted.
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Oh yeah, it's past the end of the month! Forgot about this.

Uh, I changed some things again.

June stats )

EDIT: Also just finished one of my "anything interesting under $2.99" purchases, Dawn by Octavia E. Butler, a.k.a. Book 1 of Lilith's Brood / Xenogenesis. Deeply, deeply strange book. My brain hurts. That strange. I can finish the whole trilogy for $9.99, and I am tempted just to get some closure on this WTFery. Which is not to say that it's bad, in any sense. Just...deeply strange.
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During an overnight trip, I spent a couple of hours copy-editing a story that my husband had written, then did a bunch of editing on the Kindle on my story. It's improving, I think.

We also talked a bit about the value of outside opinions / viewpoints, which made me a little sad that my stuff is still unreadable by humans. Yes, you need a strong idea of what you want and shouldn't be guided solely by others' opinions. But a second opinion can be very valuable. I started outlining the plot as it stands, and realized why I'm having issues: I'm accidentally writing the sequel first.

Breakdown, i.e. stats from now on )
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Just a fun quote that seems apropos for my journal. I bought this book when it popped up in the daily Kindle sales. It was adorably batty. Scene: A father haphazardly trying to calm his inconsolable (young?) son.


But Ranulph’s sobs redoubled. “I want to get away! to get away!” he moaned.

“Away? Away from where?” and there was a touch of impatience in Master Nathaniel’s voice.

“From … from things happening,” sobbed Ranulph.

Master Nathaniel’s heart suddenly contracted; but he tried not to understand. “Things happening?” he said in a voice that he endeavored to make jocular. “I don’t think anything very much happens in Lud, does it?”

“All the things,” moaned Ranulph, “summer and winter, and days and nights. All the things!”

- from Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees


The book overall is a fantasy story about a town on the edge of Faerie which is Very Unimpressed By Such Outlandish Nonsense, and the interactions between the townspeople and the fantastic world right around the bend. It's quasi-Victorian? It was published in 1926, which I thought was kayfabe* at first because it seems strangely parodic and simultaneously un-stagey, in a weirdly modern way. But no, according to Wikipedia and Amazon, it actually was published in 1926. I still feel wary of being tricked.

Anyway, it's a keeper. Lately I have been checking the daily sales... well, daily, buying dang near anything that is under $2.99 and piques my interest. I have a sizeable backlog for the first time in a while.

Writing is going well. Cut about 10K retconned words, then wrote 6K more. By my estimates, there's about 29K more that needs to be either cut or heavily edited - most of the last quarter of the thing, as it stands now. But I believe in my edits! They are drastic, but the end result will be better. There are two more weeks till stats time, so I won't belabor that point too much.

* something which is fictional, but which you're supposed to pretend is real in real life in order to play along with fandom properly. Like pro wrestling, or those fans who insist(ed) that Sherlock Holmes is factual. To me it seemed like a book which was written more recently but pretended to be vintage.
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It's early, but I'm about to start trying to make major plot changes, so I wanted to get a before & after (or at least before & later) snapshot.

Early stats )
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Stats time:
I've been outlining more than writing this month )
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I would be working out right now if I hadn't sprayed clearcoat in my workroom and fumigated the entire area. D'oh. Should have waited till tomorrow and done it outside. Spray in haste, repent at leisure.


I almost forgot the stats in all of the con preparation chaos. (It's going well now.)

Words without notes: 143,881 (+4,896)
With notes: 151,306 (7,425 of notes, +182 since last time)
Pages: 287 (+9)

As noted last time, most of this is in the same scene. But that's OK. New scenes are great, and we want more of them. I did tone it down from the first off-the-rails draft, and saved the loopy draft in case any good lines could be mined from it later.


The local convention is this coming weekend (April 5-7), and that's where my month has gone. It's been sometimes stressful, sometimes fun. I've finished the at-con-pickup commissions, so now it's all gravy. Still no word on the AMVs, though. I guess we'll see.
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I am pretty sure I haven't touched this file all month. Had ideas, made notes on paper, have not written anything. January was huge, and I have been trying to sew like a demon because of the upcoming con.

February stats )
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Please excuse any crankiness today. I've spent all week worrying about getting stomach flu, which... makes my stomach hurt. Fitting, I suppose. Still, it's astronomically better than actually having the stuff. My last bout with that (circa age 9) was the worst one-time experience of my life, to the point where it represents, to me, a particular feeling of being entirely alone and unloved in the universe.

I'm a little neurotic. Next!

Writing stats, i.e. better news )
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I need to make up some more icons. Ah, well.

I was sprinting toward 130,000 because of a small part in an elaborate personal scheme. I calculate my entertainment budget based partly on time ($x per month) and partly on productivity ($x per finished project). My arbitrary signpost for writing is "every 10,000 words." I started this entertainment-budget scheme back around 117,000, in late October, and rounded that up to 120K. So this marks the first time I've passed one of my notches. 10K doesn't sound like that much in light of NaNoWriMo, but I don't write at that speed these days, let's be honest.

Either way, it's been fun )

On a completely different note, I got Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold for Christmas, and LOVE IT. See, I only hesitantly call myself a science fiction fan, because I know that many of the absolute classics just don't grab me. Foundation, for instance. I can't call myself a SF fan if I was bored to tears by Foundation. It's a freaking classic. And yet...

Thus far, this series is full of political machinations, and it has another dimension that a lot of other SF lacks: characterization. Like, at all. Because of this, the political-machinations part comes off as not an Author Tract (cough) but a story that is happening to the characters. Because I believe that these are, in fact, characters, and not paper cutouts with "THIS IS THE BAD GUY" / "THIS IS THE AUTHOR AVATAR SLASH GOOD GUY" written on them and pasted to popsicle sticks.

...I have tried hard all my life to like Asimov's fiction, people, you just don't understand.

Anyway. Even though I turned in my science fiction fan badge long ago, there are some that I like, and this is one of them. I am delighted to possibly find a series that I enjoy, because it's been a while since I found a new one.

Time to tap out that entertainment budget... sigh. :)
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The one bright spot in my weekend: spending several hours stranded in a hotel room with a laptop.

Words without notes: 119,955 (-5770) ...there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.
With notes: 135,733 (15,778 of notes, +7,745)
Pages: 261 (+4)

Realizing that several later scenes needed a major overhaul, I moved them into the notes section and prepared to rewrite them. At the beginning of the weekend, the without-notes count was 117,743. It's still only up 2,212, but that includes a couple of new scenes (4 of 5 intro scenes are now done, for one thing).

In total, this is not as bad as it looks. I'm on a mission to fix the scenes that have become obsolete because of changes earlier in the story. This involves getting rid of vast swaths of outdated stuff.


Blah blah blah. I hope it won't be as hard to get back into gear (life gear, not story gear) as I fear it will be. Being miserable for several days takes it out of you.
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Oh look, it's stats time. I was up till supertired o'clock, video editing. The Utena video is fairly close to being done, I think.

Over in text-editing land: Editing on the Kindle has been very helpful. Typing on a touch screen is still slow, but I can make short notes on things that I'd like to change later. That's been great.

Words without notes: 125,725 (+6,959)
With notes: 133,758 (8,033 of notes, -300 or so)
Pages: 257 (+12)

Soooo yeah, I had a month in which I wrote twelve pages, plus another 5 of in-story fiction (part of a book that a character was reading) just for fun. Most of those fit into two scenes that cracked into a section of the story that I'd been avoiding. WTF? Not gonna question it.
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I used to do stats on the 15th, but it's slipped earlier lately. Shrug!

Words without notes: 118,766 (+2,552)
With notes: 127,066 (8,300 of notes - somehow - I thought I cut out some notes...)
Pages: 245 (+1)

Not a big month for writing, but I got a little bit in. I also converted the whole behemoth to a .txt file and loaded it onto my Kindle. Reading a bit now and then, I made it through the first 63% before it crashed. I think I'll keep a closer eye out for potential edits and try again. Some glitches/whatever seem to pop out more in different media - on screen, on paper, etc. "Typing" on a Kindle Touch is a pain in the behind, but I can take notes on paper.

That's it for today. I hurt my foot in a minor spill down the stairs, so I got lazy.
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I keep saying this, but I really should do karaoke at Matsuricon. "Art of the Dress" is likely to trip me up all over the place, though. Pff.

'Cause otherwise, I am running low of ideas for New Things to Try At Cons. I feel too old for a rave. I don't do hookups. I feel as though I have stage fright, but I did fine singing at our wedding reception in front of 100 people, half of whom I don't actually know that well. So karaoke would probably be fine.

Finally did a photoshoot at Tekkoshocon. Entered AMV contests. Had Alley tables plenty of times. Went to MSTing-type screenings, regular screenings, AMV screenings, actor panels/signings, workshops, competitions, concerts, fan-run panels on various things. Bought merch, DVDs, manga, Alley art. Went to a formal dance. Went to one rather bleh mass meetup. Costumed other people, costumed myself. Took a few photos of other people, though not enough to really post a good collection afterwards.

Surprise me, Matsuricon!

Anyway. New scenes new scenes eeeee!

Words without notes: 116,214 (+3,210)
With notes: 124,504 (8,290 of notes)
Pages: 244 (+6)


Nothing big, either, just "let's check in at point Q with a little tone-setting scene." x3 or so. Can't all be giant turning points.

OTOH, I have wasted a bunch of time trawling through TVTropes and making a list for myself of things that pertain to the story. Totally pointless. Too fun. Regret nothing.
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Words without notes: 113,004 (+1,967)
Pages: 238 (+4)

At the moment, I am awfully sick of rewriting the same several key scenes, because it's been a while since I struck out into a fresh area. I feel as though I need to fill in more of the story, even if it's not particularly interesting at the moment. I feel as though it's OK to write a section that's kind of pedestrian and make it suck less in rewrites. After all, that gives me more to do later on. So I did a bit of that. Oh, we're not sure what happens between point C and point F for oh, an entire year. Just try something. Anything. So I did.

I've also, I think, found a path from the current not-end point into more territory. I wasn't quite sure what to do with anyone after a certain point, but I've got a rough outline now. Yay.


Also started a new video. We'll see how it goes. You know, I'm not even going to be elusive about this one. Utena vs. Jesus of Suburbia. I think the word we're looking for here is "quixotic."

I am not quite in the full-on, every-spare-minute editing Zone, but there's quite enough to work on. I can start sketching out the overall outlines and save the hard parts for when I am in the zone. That's the theory, anyway!


May. 15th, 2012 08:51 pm
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I just realized that Word can filter out text boxes / sidebars in its word count. Commence stuffing the "this scene goes here" notes in text boxes, since I'm too tired today to do anything else...

Corrected count:
Words with notes: 119,642 (+449)
Words without notes: 111,037 (includes some overlapping rewrites) - this is the new baseline.
Pages: 234

That was pointless-yet-handy. The whole point of tracking word count is to vaguely estimate forward motion, which is itself a stand-in for "Am I still trying new things with this and having fun with it, or just picking over the stuff I've already done?" It doesn't actually matter how long it is. It's just gratifying to see things change over time, and that's easier to do if you mark the proverbial doorjamb.

I'm now tempted to say "Well, since I've gotten comfortable with the idea of writing as a hobby again, do I have anything that is worth sharing and not just therapy/drawerfic?" That's kind of jumping the gun. I don't know. Might be nice, someday. Keeping my expectations low.
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Google Image Searches of the day:

lady gaga meat dress
deep space nine sisko
deep space nine garak

I love the off-season.

The plush came in for the Kadaj commission - it's really more like white with black roots - so I hope that works out. We'll see. I have more problems with gray/silver than any other color, in any fabric. Weird.


Of course, after I said I was backsliding in the story, I started getting ambitious. It's now at 119,193 (+2,876, including notes). About 8% of that was finding out that another infamous fanfic loon is now a bestselling author. I don't intend to ever get published, but that kind of thing lights a fire under me anyway.
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I felt as though video editing wouldn't work for me at the moment, and that was true. Sewing has been easier; I'm just waiting for a delivery of plush for the next project. I hope the color is OK. Gray can be difficult.

Stats, and it's fun to take evil overlord quizzes )


I came across the term "feral fan" a little while ago, while reading about live-action video editing. On one hand, it kind of feels nice to have a name for what you are. On the other hand, I feel very conflicted about the idea of fandom's apprenticeship/guild system. I understand that that's how it is; I just don't know how I feel about it. (And yes, I understand that it exists no matter how I feel about it.)

Hm. It's interesting to see how it's viewed from the outside (errrr, the inside).


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