Jun. 24th, 2012 10:35 pm
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Dangit, Minecraft )

Anyway. After all of my conviction last time, I'm not sure I'm going to do that AMV after all! I might do another one. I guess it's a matter of playing around with each and seeing what works. Hey, something will work out eventually.
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Made the... probably unwise decision to buy Minecraft last Sunday. As is my tendency, I jumped in long after the fandom had gotten so huge and entrenched that entering it as a newbie is nearly impossible. However, there is an offline/single-player option, and that's what I'm playing.

Haven't made anything cool yet. I'm playing in "Survival" mode, which is more game-y and less "hey look I recreated [location] from [preexisting title]." The one such landmark that I would enjoy trying is the staircase/gondola/duelling arena from Utena, but that would be truly epic only if I could also construct the upside-down End of the World castle. Aaaand that's a taller order. [Edit: In part because the only? white block type is wool. A giant... wool... staircase.)

For now, it's just a time-sucking diversion. That's unwise, considering that I have a major commission due - as in non-negotiable due date - in a couple of weeks. Time to act like a grownup! Or at least try very hard.
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Tried the Minecraft demo on the 360. Yeah, I could play that far too much. I tend not to play games on my PC, but I might consider it for this one.

Meanwhile~, continuing on some bear commissions - trying to keep the communication lines open, and moving ahead with the current one. Also just about ready to quilt the T-shirt quilt commission. I'll need more specialty quilting thread, but I may as well go through what I have right now.

What else. Oh, I've added some mini flower beds to the yard - pushed back the rock, cut out the landscaping cloth under it and planted some annuals. Just about 2x2' each. They're mulched as of today, and I am quite pleased with them. The rest of the yard is still rock. Baby steps.

It's very good news to me that I don't mind putting in a lot of work outside. I haven't had that much space to work with before, and while I'd put a lot of work into my containers/window boxes/etc., it didn't translate into too many hours hauling things around in the sun by brute force. (Just at the beginning and end of the season.) So I feel as though I've been tested a little bit. It would have been a problem if I'd liked the idea of having a fabulous garden, but couldn't hack all the work that goes into it. But I can, and I enjoy it. So that's good.

Sunblock, though. Sunblock.


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