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Re: Hunger Games: Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a book series drop off a cliff that fast. Book 1: "What happens next?" Book 3: "I may as well finish the damn thing."

Not so good. However, I enjoyed the first one in all its cheesy glory. I enjoyed the first ~third of the second one, until right about the time when sap poured from the trees - poured, really? Trees do not work that way!! /morbo.

The rest just...disintegrates into whining, bad planning, and egregious and senseless character deaths. Bleh.

But I made it.

Meanwhile: check out Ms. Stig here. (I only made part of the head, though.)

Celty from Durarara!, one of those Series That I Mean to Watch Eventually.
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I have a vague habit of focusing on one type of project per weeknight, which means that when I'm working on sewing, I'm not posting.

The other factor in today's post is Reverse Workspace Porn. In the crafting world, people like to post/look at pictures of gorgeous, perfectly organized workspaces - aspiration, envy, etc. I love a good pretty/functional organizational scheme as much as the next crafter, but I'm not likely to create one. My new workroom looks like the set of a '70s stag film (fake wood paneling FTL) and it's an unholy mess, but I still love it.

The ponies from the last post were on hold while my paintbrushes emerged from the unpacking chaos. They've since surfaced, so I should have some progress on those next week. In the meantime...

More pictures: Traffic cones, Mega Man, Weeping Angels, Space Core, piles of parts )
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Hi. I make fuzzy things.

I have only seen about three episodes of MLP:FIM so far, but I love making plushies. So when I came across this pattern - via Craftster, probably - I had to try it.

My first idea was a bit daunting (and bizarre), so I decided to warm up with a couple of test runs first.

I am married to a giant Pittsburgh sports fan. That one was an obvious choice, since I had this gold fleece. Then I realized that I had a tan fabric that would work for Doctor Whooves, but after the body was finished, I realized that it had a very dainty face. Sooooo...

It's so fluffy, I can't stand it. I still have to figure out what color to make her eyes (I think it's either green or hazel), and double-check which wrist the vortex manipulator goes on.

Finally, Blue Link and Dark Link, which I'm making on commission. However, I took this photo because I realized that they were accidentally posed like the models in the "Vogue" video.

I find that amusing. I don't know about you.


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