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I got what I really wanted this year: no drama. None. Everyone was lovely. I'm so grateful for that, and glad to have all permutations of my families in my life. It wasn't an entirely smooth road, but everything worked out in the end.

Deep breath.

It was one of the only Christmases in recent memory when I felt OK with my attempts at gift-buying, like I'd done my best and shouldn't worry any more than that. So that was good. I will try the same approach next year.

Tying into a previous entry a while back: among many awesome gifts I got this year was a copy of the out-of-print! fourth volume of Flower of Life. (I was just about speechless when I unwrapped it. Just wow.) So now I've finally read it. I have to say that this series isn't much on narrative arcs, and that plays out through the end. It's a slice of life series to the very end. But it's still bittersweet and wonderful, just as it began.

edit: Self, I forgot story stats this month. Oops. Will bump it to the beginning/end of the month instead of the middle and carry on.
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A few days ago, I wiped out every email in my old Yahoo account, which I used from circa 2003-2007. ...I'm not sure why I did that. I'd had to log into it to confirm something from Amazon, and just... started.


[Edit, a few days later: Not quite all. I thought I'd gotten all of them, but I'd missed a few - including some...interesting choices. Like the confirmation email for our first Artist's Alley.]


A couple of weeks ago, the host of the weekly craft group that I usually impose upon (breath) was watching Fruits Basket via Netflix. It was one of those series that it seemed everyone had seen, and thus probably worth catching up on. (Wow, my grammar is shot today.)

I went home and re-read the whole manga. Spoilers for an old series )

I haven't been reading much new manga, this past year. Kinda fell behind on the series that I'd been reading. So... maybe I'll catch up (and continue to abandon Bleach) and keep an eye out for something new.
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The "House of 1000 Manga" column reviews Flower of Life, which, let's just be honest, is my favorite manga series. I always qualify that statement because I haven't gotten hold of the out-of-print volume 4 yet, but even so.

I am really glad to see it getting some publicity, even though the exposure will probably drain the internet dry of its few remaining Volume 4s. Or hey, we can hope; DMP could put it back in print. (dangit.) DMP, I will finally sign up for Kickstarter if you will do this.

Anyway. Rarity's dress and Spike's hoodie are done, leaving three more costume pieces to go (a cane topper, a sword slipcover, and a suit jacket), plus dyeing one wig and styling two. Three weeks till the con. Whew.


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