dotsandlines: Rarity at her sewing machine, from MLP: FIM. Don't think too hard about how she's holding that fabric. (MLP: Rarity Sewing)
In the last ten days, I have finished six Minecraft-themed plushies for the next Alley table (all blocks, nothing dimensional), played in a Dresden session, got a shiny new copy of the shiny new Utena remaster, aaaand finished that quilt commission. Oh, and came up with another demented cosplay idea. And, somehow, still slacked off a lot.

Back to the Kadaj commission, once my hand stops hurting like hell and I work up the courage to wrangle that much vinyl.
dotsandlines: Rarity at her sewing machine, from MLP: FIM. Don't think too hard about how she's holding that fabric. (MLP: Rarity Sewing)
Saturday: added a felt/fleece decoration to hubs' kitchen apron, a design he made up involving a sports team's mascot, a chef's hat, and a spatula.

Also hacked up and re-sewed a shirt I'd gotten several months ago that had never fit right. I liked the design, but it was an American Apparel XL, which are made for tiny, tiny hipsters. I knew this; I bought the shirt from a tiny, tiny hipster who was rather pissed at me for doing so. But I liked the design, and I am perverse, so making people feel like they're violating their principles for taking my money has a certain charm.

Anyway, the damn shirt didn't fit, of course. I wore it a couple of times, and it was not comfortable. I foggily recalled a tutorial I'd seen some years ago - I think - maybe - and this book, which I'd flipped through again recently. The shirt was meant for tiny, tiny hipsters; that was its reason for being. It was not made for doughy nerds. And knowing this, nay, glorying in this, I defaced it. I cut it up and cut up another shirt in a contrasting/coordinating color and sewed them back together.

I like how it turned out. And it was fun.

I'm dangerous now. Mwahahahahaha.


Then we had a Dresden Files session in which I didn't do too much of anything except have my character drive around, make a couple of bad decisions, and say inopportune things (which I haven't done enough lately). Not too bad.


I think it's just not the time for video editing right now. I put down a few clips on a GOT video, but I'm just not feeling it. I think I want to try another drama video - I've only made 1 drama video in the last 5 years, half of my years in editing, and I apologized and made a giant case out of it all the way through the process. Tch. I made a giant cheese ball, and it was delicious. That is all.

Anyway, it's not quite the right time yet. That's OK. I made a list, because I am ... special, and I have averaged three months between videos. Plenty of time. ;)


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