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Heyyyyy, I've been talking about writing and depression too much. My life is not all made up of those things, I swear.

I'm excited about a sewing project for our own house, so let me rave about that for a bit.

spaaaaaa~ you probably know the rest ~aaaaaaace )
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Sunday was my first shot at working in the new(ish) yard. Previously I'd only spent a few minutes tromping around on the back hillside with my father-in-law, trying to identify the plants that the previous owner left and figuring out whether deer actually invaded the yard regularly (yes, they do).

But Sunday was sunny and mild, so we installed two window boxes and a flagpole on the deck, trimmed the boring evergreen bush thing, and cleared out all of the dead stems/leaves from last year's flowers. I also unearthed a series of stumps along the driveway, previously covered in leaves. One of them was wrapped in black plastic and half buried, so apparently it is an evil stump. I took the plastic off to let the thing decay like it's supposed to do, and will deal with any evil stump spirits as they come.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have any plants to add, so it was a clearing-out day, not a planting day. The lavender did get dragged out of storage. If it revives, I'll give it some space in the actual ground; it's still in a container. I also have some seeds and no seed-starting medium, so that will wait until the weekend.

I've got pages of pipe dreams for this place, but I hope to start slowly so as not to completely overwhelm myself. Plants take more time for maintenance when they're still getting established, so I hope to add more pieces to the puzzle as the first ones take off on their own. We shall see.

Oh, and stats: 112,547. It's been a month since my last stat-up, so let's see.
211 pages (+2)
112,547 words (+1599) (That would never fly in Nano! But this has been on the back burner for the most part.)

I downloaded a word counter too see whether I had any habit-y words that I haven't noticed. "Moment" is pretty bad. Otherwise, it's not as bad as I thought it was. It's mostly common words (it, of, and, the, blahblah) and character names. Not too, too bad.


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