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Juuuust realized that if I write one or two more (longish) scenes, Sequel 2 will have about eighty contiguous, theoretically readable pages without any "and stuff goes here" gaps, AND include the beginning of a couple of key conflicts. You know, like the beginning of a story. I've been passing through it to tweak a few things and make it more readable as a stand-alone. I think it can.

Hmmmm. Uggghhh. Hmmm. Thoughts. Decisions. Dangit.

I am not thinking about publishing; I am thinking about begging for feedback from anyone who would agree to read it. Why? I don't even know. Curiosity, mostly.

I'll see how that thought looks in the cold light of day. And then write those two more longish scenes.


I've already rambled/ranted on FB, so I'll just mention it once here: new fandom woo! I've been listening to this all week, and caught up with the first 28 episodes. It's so charmingly cracked.
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109,944. Yes, that's backwards. It's not actually losing ground - there are duplicate bits in the edits that are being merged into one. Not particularly productive on that front these days, even so.


I feel as though I'm in Remedial Geek Class the last year or two, having finally dipped a toe into Doctor Who, tabletop gaming, and now Star Trek. The latter has LONG been the Thing That Everyone Around Me Likes, But I Haven't Seen. Actually, both ST and gaming. DW is just That Thing That I Heard Is Good, But No One I Know Watches It.

Anyway, Netflix has Deep Space Nine on Instant Watch, and I love it. I'm aware that it's regarded as the black sheep of the franchise. That's OK. It's fun; I don't care.


I've been sewing a lot in preparation for an upcoming convention, and as a thought experiment - because some of this stuff is really repetitive - I try to come up with fanvid/AMV ideas for the music I listen to while working. Just to make things more challenging, I've also tried to wedge a whole album into one series. (Ex. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / Azumanga Daioh.) By necessity, this leads to tenuous and usually ridiculous connections, which are fun theoretically, but should probably never be made. I always find that sort of thing entertaining.


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