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Finished FMA: Brotherhood.

BRB, gonna find as many eyecatches as possible to use as wallpaper. They were pretty basic, but I liked them, particularly the placement in some of the episodes (often right after a character had done something awesome). ...OK, all set.

Spoilers just in case )
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We've been watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Netflix lately - nearing the end of season 2 now. It's reminding me why FMA was such a Thing a few years ago. Even though I am Just Not Into the ninjas. I'm sorry, if I wanted ninjas I'd watch any one of 800 other shows. I want post-steampunk magical bureaucracy and soul-destroying tragic WTFery at the moment, thank you.
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We made it. adfklajsd;flkjsd.

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Apparently, there is a streaming service called Crackle that runs on the Xbox 360. There's not a whole lot on it, but it's free-with-ads. And it has a slightly different cross-section of anime than Netflix does. Includiiiiiiing Madoka Magica. Woo! So far, this show has the "dark fairy tale" aspect of Princess Tutu with the "innocent characters who are unaware that they live in a horribly dark world until it's too late" factor of Higurashi. I'm enjoying it greatly, but I'm glad it's only 12 episodes long. I'm not sure how much of this I could take.

We have finished 8 episodes so far. I called the twist in that episode. CALLED IT! *does the I-called-the-disturbing-tragic-twist dance*

I'll write more when we've finished, probably in a couple more days of viewing. Jay and I have guessed some more things which may or may not pan out.

Crackle also has The Prisoner! Which I've already seen! But that's good, because I had to rent it on disc from Netflix, and the discs kept coming in scratched. I'd rewatch it sometime if it weren't for that hassle.

Also, Nodame Cantabile and DRRR. That's...about all that catches my interest.

I am not being paid by this random website; it just runs the same few ads four or five times each per episode. In our first set of viewings, a Geico commercial had us climbing the walls. Every break, sometimes more than once per break. Stop it. I don't even have a freaking car.

Today it was all public service announcement ads. Hey, kids, make a contract with Kyubey, and then don't drink and drive, and save the manatees! Sleep tight.
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Every time I roam through the cheap-and/or-free ebook selection on my Kindle, I become more convinced that I should finish writing something. ANYTHING. Ever.

I should download and read some of this stuff, so as to have more things to read AND get a better idea of where the bar is set. However, I am a little paranoid about Amazon's recommendation stats. The next time a relative tries to buy me a birthday gift, I don't need them to be chirpily informed that I would "probably" enjoy schmoopy sword & sorcery or romance novels about goat herders or something.

In particular, romance novels are potentially entertaining (I love characterization and character dynamics, and even bad writing is fun), but the genre is so subdivided that I wouldn't even know where to start. I might now know what non-anime fans feel like upon being exposed to a corner of our fandom. Why is everyone 14 years old? Do the robots go with the girls in miniskirts? Sometimes.* What's with all the cat ears? I don't knooooooooow!

So for now, I am just reading Midnight Blue-Light Special and writing a lot of plot outlines - but I've never written plot outlines before, so that in itself is something. I still feel like this project is unreadable by humans. But if it is, maybe it will be epically, transcendently unreadable by humans. I suspect not, given my personality, but who knows.

* Speaking of which, I binge-watched Escaflowne last weekend for no particular reason. I'd borrowed it from a friend, and it was high time I gave it back. I watched the subtitled version while doing a jigsaw puzzle that I'd gotten as a Christmas gift, so I apparently missed some things. I didn't realize that Millerna and Dryden were married, for one thing. Uh, I did notice some giant robots.


Apr. 12th, 2012 01:45 pm
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Our late "Christmas" Amazon order came in, i.e. "let's buy some things that we both want, in some proportion, because we didn't actually buy anything for one another for Christmas." The box includes, among other things, Game of Thrones season 1 and Princess Jellyfish. I've been thinking about editing with both of these things.

Decisions, decisions! Both? Maybe! I don't know. Let's rewatch both and apply the brakes, here. But then, if I weren't apt to run off with wacky ideas, I wouldn't have had half as much fun with editing over the years.

I also got my bulk order of teddy bear supplies, earlier this week. Bags of disembodied eyes and noses and plastic joints. Cute and macabre. Eeeeexcellent.
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Re: Hunger Games: Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a book series drop off a cliff that fast. Book 1: "What happens next?" Book 3: "I may as well finish the damn thing."

Not so good. However, I enjoyed the first one in all its cheesy glory. I enjoyed the first ~third of the second one, until right about the time when sap poured from the trees - poured, really? Trees do not work that way!! /morbo.

The rest just...disintegrates into whining, bad planning, and egregious and senseless character deaths. Bleh.

But I made it.

Meanwhile: check out Ms. Stig here. (I only made part of the head, though.)

Celty from Durarara!, one of those Series That I Mean to Watch Eventually.
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Tried out Victorian Romance Emma via Netflix (discs, not streaming, sadly). I really wanted to like this show, but after two discs, I cannot seem to rustle up one-half of a damn what happens to these people. There's Freddy from My Fair Lady, fine, I guess, while the maid character has this vague, sad open space where her personality is supposed to be.

I want to care! I'm all for that restrained, Remains of the Day, emotionally stunted jazz. But this one's just not intriguing me. All I can think of is "oh, all right then, Yamato Nadeshiko in England...and...the end."

It's not pandering except to historical nerds, and it's not bad by any measure I can see. I'd recommend it if it seems to line up with your interests. But it's not getting me, and apart from the blankness of the main character, I can't quite define why.

I have this quixotic impulse to watch the first and last episodes of streaming series that I know nothing about. I keep wanting this genre to surprise me. I did try Angel Beats!'s first episode, and was duly confused. That's as far as it got.


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