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I slept through a round of flu and have worked on a sewing commission, but that's about it since the video was finished. Oh - I did submit the Spice & Wolf video and last year's Princess Jellyfish video to my local con, so that's fun. (One can submit up to three, and since the hubs still wants to try to make a joint project before the deadline, I'm leaving a spot open.)

And in the process of doing so, I realized that I'd encoded the Jellyfish vid as 4:3 when the series is 16:9. D'oh. I swear to the AMV gods (heretic though I am) that I will STOP DOING THAT this year, like, FOREVER. I didn't expect a TV series to be in 16:9 because I mentally live in 2003 when it comes to video specs. Always thought it looked kind of screwy, but I never investigated why. That's why.

The 4:3 version is up on YouTube and the org, and I haven't had the focus to do anything about it yet. I may as well do a sweep and fix all of the ones I've messed up over the years, and by "fix" I just mean "post a new version on YouTube and link it to the old one." Anyway, haven't done that yet.

Story stats next week; that's doing OK. I think my snafu with the Kindle a while back was due to having too many annotations on the same file - the last time I approached 100 notes, it started to load/save verrrrrrry slowly. Noted. to speak.

Still playing the heck out of Dance Central; I have gotten the DC1 and 2 songs imported over and just use the DC3 interface now. I'm looking forward to re-establishing my schedule now that the flu has passed. Still fun. I think I could play some things on Medium rather than Easy, so that's something to try.

And finally, we started re-watching DS9 from the beginning recently, on Netflix. To tell the 150% truth, I did not start paying attention to this series until about season 3. While it hadn't hit its stride yet, I missed some fun things here and there. ...Like Garak's "lay the subtext on with two trowels" acting. There are at least two possibilities as to what's going on in Bashir's head during those scenes ("Squee I'm finally in a spy movie!!" is the less obvious one), and either one is pretty entertaining.

Oh, and actually finally, Red Dwarf is back on Netflix Instant. Just sayin', internet. However, when one of the major cast members departs the show, for the love of all that's good and holy, stop watching. Please.


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