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This will probably not be too peppy, because I have some sort of con plague. My eyeballs are on fire and I'm too tired for 9 p.m. Anyhow:

Good things )
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I would be working out right now if I hadn't sprayed clearcoat in my workroom and fumigated the entire area. D'oh. Should have waited till tomorrow and done it outside. Spray in haste, repent at leisure.


I almost forgot the stats in all of the con preparation chaos. (It's going well now.)

Words without notes: 143,881 (+4,896)
With notes: 151,306 (7,425 of notes, +182 since last time)
Pages: 287 (+9)

As noted last time, most of this is in the same scene. But that's OK. New scenes are great, and we want more of them. I did tone it down from the first off-the-rails draft, and saved the loopy draft in case any good lines could be mined from it later.


The local convention is this coming weekend (April 5-7), and that's where my month has gone. It's been sometimes stressful, sometimes fun. I've finished the at-con-pickup commissions, so now it's all gravy. Still no word on the AMVs, though. I guess we'll see.


Feb. 16th, 2013 01:37 pm
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OK, the Gathering of Many People went well. I think one key is picking a seat toward the end of a group rather than in the middle. I always assume that being in the middle = being included, but what it generally means to me is that I will be surrounded by 2-3 conversations that I can't follow. So.

Off to work on a LOT of Hellsing bears. We got a request for two sets of Alucard & Seras, to be picked up at the convention (as well as a Kyoya from OHSHC). This is the first time we've done more than one pre-con order, so I am curious to see how this will pan out. If it works out, we'll have to start canvassing for pre-orders a few months before the next con.
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I'm part of the problem, y'know, not posting and all. So here we go:

- Working my way through the ebook set; two more to go. I bailed on one of Kelly Link's short story collections because it was just too grim/grotesque for what I wanted to read at the moment. I feel like a jerk, but I will probably come back later.

- TMBG phase continues. They're coming back to Pittsburgh on March 30, woot! Start looking for a parking space now.

- Sis and I met to hash out our plans for Tekkoshocon, which, if all goes well, will be our next Artist Alleying convention. I have 19 bears and 11-12 other projects on the lineup. That's, um... ambitious. But if I even do 2/3 of this lineup, it will be pretty dang awesome.

Favorite ideas of mine: Nick Fury from the Avengers movie (eyepatch!), PSY (poseable endoskeleton!), Slenderman (aaaaaaghhhhh!). Out of 19 ideas, two are anime/video game related, which is partly my bias (none of my favorites are remotely popular), and partly a reflection of the weird Western-focused state of anime fandom these days.

- Not watching any anime currently, apart from occasionally re-watching an episode of Spice & Wolf. Hubs & I just finished season 1 of Sealab 2021, which he found at a used bookstore. Yeesh flashback.

Those two shows simply do not belong in the same paragraph. Am I tempted to make a crossover mini-AMV? Just a tiny bit.

- This weekend we are planning to rally everyone we can guilt, and weed the brushy, overgrown section of our yard. And by "weeding" I mean the type that involves small power tools. Though I just really love pulling out invasive stuff. Order from chaos, all of that.

Also, that leads me to come up with ambitious dreams involving patios, berry bushes, and new staircases. It's fun to think about, even if implementing these plans completely would involve a lot of time and effort (and in some cases, money).
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We didn't get too many good pictures, blah. But here we go.

Matsuricon's lineup (and probably Tekkoshocon's) )

We didn't do much at this convention, other than shop in Artists' Alley and crowd-watch. We did get out for dinner with some friends of Jay's on Saturday, and had some spectacular ice cream. Totally worth the long detour around a construction zone.
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The "House of 1000 Manga" column reviews Flower of Life, which, let's just be honest, is my favorite manga series. I always qualify that statement because I haven't gotten hold of the out-of-print volume 4 yet, but even so.

I am really glad to see it getting some publicity, even though the exposure will probably drain the internet dry of its few remaining Volume 4s. Or hey, we can hope; DMP could put it back in print. (dangit.) DMP, I will finally sign up for Kickstarter if you will do this.

Anyway. Rarity's dress and Spike's hoodie are done, leaving three more costume pieces to go (a cane topper, a sword slipcover, and a suit jacket), plus dyeing one wig and styling two. Three weeks till the con. Whew.
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I keep saying this, but I really should do karaoke at Matsuricon. "Art of the Dress" is likely to trip me up all over the place, though. Pff.

'Cause otherwise, I am running low of ideas for New Things to Try At Cons. I feel too old for a rave. I don't do hookups. I feel as though I have stage fright, but I did fine singing at our wedding reception in front of 100 people, half of whom I don't actually know that well. So karaoke would probably be fine.

Finally did a photoshoot at Tekkoshocon. Entered AMV contests. Had Alley tables plenty of times. Went to MSTing-type screenings, regular screenings, AMV screenings, actor panels/signings, workshops, competitions, concerts, fan-run panels on various things. Bought merch, DVDs, manga, Alley art. Went to a formal dance. Went to one rather bleh mass meetup. Costumed other people, costumed myself. Took a few photos of other people, though not enough to really post a good collection afterwards.

Surprise me, Matsuricon!

Anyway. New scenes new scenes eeeee!

Words without notes: 116,214 (+3,210)
With notes: 124,504 (8,290 of notes)
Pages: 244 (+6)


Nothing big, either, just "let's check in at point Q with a little tone-setting scene." x3 or so. Can't all be giant turning points.

OTOH, I have wasted a bunch of time trawling through TVTropes and making a list for myself of things that pertain to the story. Totally pointless. Too fun. Regret nothing.
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Got back from Tekkoshocon 2012. It was good. Crowded, but good. However, I've been busy wrapping up (resizing photos for our website, loading tons of backlog onto dA, sorting out the stuff I bought) that I haven't had time to write anything about it.

Uhhh... crowded, some stuff that wasn't selling sold all of a sudden, I had that "freaking hell, I wish I could draw" moment as always, I didn't take full advantage of my costume but at least attended a photo shoot for the first time, no karaoke yet, no rude people at our table woohoo, still not very good at talking to folks although I did buttonhole a few cosplayers who went for underrepresented awesome (like Read or Die and Summer Wars), a friend who was one of the attendants in my wedding totally freaking did not recognize me when I was in costume, I probably accidentally offended an Alley artist by misnaming a character (it wasn't hard to identify, I just blanked) and then saying I was going to stick magnets on the backs of her bookmarky things, aaaaaand we came back swearing to social network much more, that is to say, at all.

I guess that's the con in a nutshell. Pretty typical overall, for a con at which one is sticking to Artists' Alley. The con more or less flows by you rather than vice-versa.

To shop-talk a bit, we did very well, and broke our sales record from last year. (Oh, that sounds icky. It's good news, though.) Also went home with much less stuff than usual. That means that we'll have to make more next time around, but it will be fresh stuff.


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