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Too brain-dead after work to go to game night, and played a bunch of Minecraft instead. I'm better now. Turns out they mapped out the next several weeks of games tonight, which is OK by me. I am not familiar with any of the systems yet, so I wouldn't have had much to add to the discussion.

With 2 weeks left until the con, cosplay preparation has entered the farcical stage. Last night I spent a furtive ~15 minutes crouched in the backyard with a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol and Sharpie ink, spraying the far-too-light Rarity wig and hoping that I wouldn't be seen by the neighbors or, alternatively, be eaten by their scary dogs.

Today a bunch of bright pink ink rinsed out of it, and it's drying now. It's still shedding a bit of ink, but I had to stop somewhere. Once it's dry, I'll see how the color turned out - every shade darker than the starting point is a plus - and make sure it's relatively colorfast. My outfit for this thing is white. Asking for trouble.

After that, uh... well, the original simply defies physics, so I'll at least try to curl it a little bit.

Meanwhile, Vinyl Scratch's wig turned out pretty cute.
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It has been a looooong day.

Hubs and I planned to knock out as much of our costume shopping today as we could, planning out a route of two thrift stores, an outlet mall, and a big shopping sprawl area, in that order. We had 4 costumes to piece together, two for each of us. However, at our second stop, I found a piece that worked awfully well for another one that we'd only joked about... so by the end of the day we had put together bits of six costumes.

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Apr. 3rd, 2012 07:37 pm
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Fabric description on

It has a high thread count giving it a thick meaty hand.


As an aside, deviantArt is quite fun despite the messy interface. Though, geez, Facebook has a messy interface and it rules the universe. Anyway, it's easier than plugging things into plain old HTML by hand, which is why the dA page is updated and our own site is not. Go fig.

Edit: Oh, and! MLP:FIM is now on Netflix Watch Instantly. I am glad to have a more convenient way to watch the show that also means the creators get paid (at least a little bit). Already watched up to "Winter Wrap-Up" on YouTube, soooo here we go with the rest.


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