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One of these songs came up on Pandora repeatedly, and it bothered the corner of my brain until I realized why: it sounds bizarrely like another song that I like (same chord structure?).

I do really like both songs. Here's some entertainment )
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I'm part of the problem, y'know, not posting and all. So here we go:

- Working my way through the ebook set; two more to go. I bailed on one of Kelly Link's short story collections because it was just too grim/grotesque for what I wanted to read at the moment. I feel like a jerk, but I will probably come back later.

- TMBG phase continues. They're coming back to Pittsburgh on March 30, woot! Start looking for a parking space now.

- Sis and I met to hash out our plans for Tekkoshocon, which, if all goes well, will be our next Artist Alleying convention. I have 19 bears and 11-12 other projects on the lineup. That's, um... ambitious. But if I even do 2/3 of this lineup, it will be pretty dang awesome.

Favorite ideas of mine: Nick Fury from the Avengers movie (eyepatch!), PSY (poseable endoskeleton!), Slenderman (aaaaaaghhhhh!). Out of 19 ideas, two are anime/video game related, which is partly my bias (none of my favorites are remotely popular), and partly a reflection of the weird Western-focused state of anime fandom these days.

- Not watching any anime currently, apart from occasionally re-watching an episode of Spice & Wolf. Hubs & I just finished season 1 of Sealab 2021, which he found at a used bookstore. Yeesh flashback.

Those two shows simply do not belong in the same paragraph. Am I tempted to make a crossover mini-AMV? Just a tiny bit.

- This weekend we are planning to rally everyone we can guilt, and weed the brushy, overgrown section of our yard. And by "weeding" I mean the type that involves small power tools. Though I just really love pulling out invasive stuff. Order from chaos, all of that.

Also, that leads me to come up with ambitious dreams involving patios, berry bushes, and new staircases. It's fun to think about, even if implementing these plans completely would involve a lot of time and effort (and in some cases, money).
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I was in a mood to buy music at Half Price Books today, during their sale:
Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (fault: DDR; "Strict Machine" is on a later mix) Not done listening to this yet. About what I expected; groovy and kind of dark.

The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing (fault: Pandora; "Shut Up and Let Me Go" has turned up on a couple of my regular stations) Catchier than I expected. Favorite there: "That's Not My Name". Aaaaugh that cheerleading beat thing. It's in my head. Ohhh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey!

The White Stripes - White Blood Cells (in that "What, I don't already own this?!" category. Also fault: Pandora; "We're Going to Be Friends" is so cute) Favorite: Still WGTBF.

Bowling for Soup - Sorry for Partyin' (have a couple of their other albums, all of which sound the same. This one is pretty meh, but the first track is funny)

Since I've been indulging a whim to buy Really Bad Music on iTunes lately, I feel that my music karma has balanced a bit. I've been treating iTunes in that "whee, I don't have to face a real live clerk" fashion that drives people to buy Fifty Shades of Grey on their Kindles. which I have not done. Not my bag. And most of that is fault: AMVs.

Speaking of which: work continues on the Probably Last Utena AMV, not at full tilt, but slowly and steadily. I don't feel like it's one of my personal best, not yet, but it's solid. Who knows; it could become more than the sum of its parts along the way. I'm planning to send the Princess Jellyfish video to Tekkoshocon anyway, so I'll still have that.

Also writing a lot lately. I'm happy with that. Wrote a pair of scenes involving a minor character (previously only mentioned in passing) who turned out to have a lot of personality, and in the meandering that resulted from that, I may have solved a long-standing plot problem elsewhere in the story. Maybe it's too pat, but right now I don't care. I'd rather see how this works first. Also, it's always fun to uncover entertaining side characters.
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One of the shots I placed today made me squee out loud, despite myself. OK, this one is going to get finished. It's not that ambitious, just a full-length version of this oldie, but it's keeping my hand in.

Speaking of old-school AMV style, this pro video is going to explode my brain if I don't link it somewhere. It reminds me of Odin Sphere's side-scrolling and boss-to-player-character scaling, crossed with the timing sensibility of an old-school AMV. I also bought the album on iTunes this morning, and I like it so far.

Our basement leaked mightily in today's downpour, which will put one heck of a chilling effect on the cosplay efforts. Nothing seems to have been ruined, though, with the possible exception of one pillow I made for Tekko '13 (I'll just keep it, if it comes to that) and a bolt of plush that I've had since c. 2004 with no particular use in mind. I'd call that a swing and a miss. Take that, weather!!

I just hope the house hasn't been damaged, really.
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GOT: BDSM!Joffrey does not quite cancel out scheming!Margaery from last episode, but it comes close. Bleaaghghghggh.

Brain mint, please.

Thing I learned last weekend: Freezepop turned into a cuddlier Ladytron while I wasn't paying attention. I like it. I think this album is much more solid than the others I've heard from them. Given my track record, it's probably their least popular yet. I tend to do that. ;)

I've been doing nothing for the last few days except organizing the craft room. It was a bit of a wreck after the convention - sprinting to the finish line, and all of that. Somewhat better now. When I get a little more space opened up, I'll set up our spare coffee machine down there. Let's hear it for bribery!

Also writing a bit, but more reorganizing old scenes (spreading them out in time, etc.) than forging new ground. It's keeping my hand in. I had an alarming conversation with the hubs about writing a few days ago, after I confessed that some books make me feel like I can write better than I thought I could. (Not necessarily better than the authors's complicated. And yes, it does sound conceited.)

The thought of having my stuff beta-read or published terrified me, so that suggests to me that I should stay the course for now.


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