Jul. 21st, 2013

dotsandlines: From the Comedy Central Rally to Restore Sanity (Mythbusters: Laugh Like a Mad Scientist)
Apparently, there is a streaming service called Crackle that runs on the Xbox 360. There's not a whole lot on it, but it's free-with-ads. And it has a slightly different cross-section of anime than Netflix does. Includiiiiiiing Madoka Magica. Woo! So far, this show has the "dark fairy tale" aspect of Princess Tutu with the "innocent characters who are unaware that they live in a horribly dark world until it's too late" factor of Higurashi. I'm enjoying it greatly, but I'm glad it's only 12 episodes long. I'm not sure how much of this I could take.

We have finished 8 episodes so far. I called the twist in that episode. CALLED IT! *does the I-called-the-disturbing-tragic-twist dance*

I'll write more when we've finished, probably in a couple more days of viewing. Jay and I have guessed some more things which may or may not pan out.

Crackle also has The Prisoner! Which I've already seen! But that's good, because I had to rent it on disc from Netflix, and the discs kept coming in scratched. I'd rewatch it sometime if it weren't for that hassle.

Also, Nodame Cantabile and DRRR. That's...about all that catches my interest.

I am not being paid by this random website; it just runs the same few ads four or five times each per episode. In our first set of viewings, a Geico commercial had us climbing the walls. Every break, sometimes more than once per break. Stop it. I don't even have a freaking car.

Today it was all public service announcement ads. Hey, kids, make a contract with Kyubey, and then don't drink and drive, and save the manatees! Sleep tight.


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