Apr. 19th, 2013

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Every time I roam through the cheap-and/or-free ebook selection on my Kindle, I become more convinced that I should finish writing something. ANYTHING. Ever.

I should download and read some of this stuff, so as to have more things to read AND get a better idea of where the bar is set. However, I am a little paranoid about Amazon's recommendation stats. The next time a relative tries to buy me a birthday gift, I don't need them to be chirpily informed that I would "probably" enjoy schmoopy sword & sorcery or romance novels about goat herders or something.

In particular, romance novels are potentially entertaining (I love characterization and character dynamics, and even bad writing is fun), but the genre is so subdivided that I wouldn't even know where to start. I might now know what non-anime fans feel like upon being exposed to a corner of our fandom. Why is everyone 14 years old? Do the robots go with the girls in miniskirts? Sometimes.* What's with all the cat ears? I don't knooooooooow!

So for now, I am just reading Midnight Blue-Light Special and writing a lot of plot outlines - but I've never written plot outlines before, so that in itself is something. I still feel like this project is unreadable by humans. But if it is, maybe it will be epically, transcendently unreadable by humans. I suspect not, given my personality, but who knows.

* Speaking of which, I binge-watched Escaflowne last weekend for no particular reason. I'd borrowed it from a friend, and it was high time I gave it back. I watched the subtitled version while doing a jigsaw puzzle that I'd gotten as a Christmas gift, so I apparently missed some things. I didn't realize that Millerna and Dryden were married, for one thing. Uh, I did notice some giant robots.


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