Jun. 13th, 2013

dotsandlines: Lawrence being consoled by his horse. (Spice and Wolf: There there.)
Just a fun quote that seems apropos for my journal. I bought this book when it popped up in the daily Kindle sales. It was adorably batty. Scene: A father haphazardly trying to calm his inconsolable (young?) son.


But Ranulph’s sobs redoubled. “I want to get away! to get away!” he moaned.

“Away? Away from where?” and there was a touch of impatience in Master Nathaniel’s voice.

“From … from things happening,” sobbed Ranulph.

Master Nathaniel’s heart suddenly contracted; but he tried not to understand. “Things happening?” he said in a voice that he endeavored to make jocular. “I don’t think anything very much happens in Lud, does it?”

“All the things,” moaned Ranulph, “summer and winter, and days and nights. All the things!”

- from Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees


The book overall is a fantasy story about a town on the edge of Faerie which is Very Unimpressed By Such Outlandish Nonsense, and the interactions between the townspeople and the fantastic world right around the bend. It's quasi-Victorian? It was published in 1926, which I thought was kayfabe* at first because it seems strangely parodic and simultaneously un-stagey, in a weirdly modern way. But no, according to Wikipedia and Amazon, it actually was published in 1926. I still feel wary of being tricked.

Anyway, it's a keeper. Lately I have been checking the daily sales... well, daily, buying dang near anything that is under $2.99 and piques my interest. I have a sizeable backlog for the first time in a while.

Writing is going well. Cut about 10K retconned words, then wrote 6K more. By my estimates, there's about 29K more that needs to be either cut or heavily edited - most of the last quarter of the thing, as it stands now. But I believe in my edits! They are drastic, but the end result will be better. There are two more weeks till stats time, so I won't belabor that point too much.

* something which is fictional, but which you're supposed to pretend is real in real life in order to play along with fandom properly. Like pro wrestling, or those fans who insist(ed) that Sherlock Holmes is factual. To me it seemed like a book which was written more recently but pretended to be vintage.


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