Aug. 3rd, 2013

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I am perpetually on the edge of opening a Tumblr account. But a) I don't know whether the Yahoo buyout killed it, and I'm actually only seeing the ash-covered remains of its glory days; and b) I don't do graphics all that much.

I think some people use words on it, though. I've seen some words. There's this nesting comments thing that I don't quite understand, but I saw some words that were not contained in an animated GIF. A couple of times.

I've seen enough neat things to have a pool of people to follow, so that's a start.

I'd better not do it just now, because I have been in a not-particularly-great place, and I'm likely to get frustrated. Later, though, maybe.

I just finished a two-month-long class which was enjoyable, but which threw my exercise schedule completely off the rails. That, and a few other straws on the camel's back, led to one of those not-fatal but constantly-gray moods. I've acknowledged it and started to make course corrections - like getting the routine back in stone and making a point to do at least one thing a day that is satisfying and creative, rather than just reading the internet and playing Minecraft. Evasive action, captain.


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